“Aesthetically and
ergonomically designed
with high quality materials”

“Made with
non-allergic Leather and Fibers
and high quality wood”

“Available in
more than 100 models
in more than 400 different shades”


Grandeza was founded by people with more than two decades of furniture manufacturing and retailing experience. Under the vision, direction and leadership of its own owners, Grandeza has become a world-class furniture manufacturer and importer. Grandeza seating systems are aesthetically and ergonomically designed with high quality materials. This enhances global quality and aesthetics. All Grandeza products are manufactured to meet international quality and safety measures. The leather and fibers used in Grandeza seating systems are non-allergic. Grandeza uses high quality wood to make the inner frames which are long lasting. Grandeza seating systems are available in more than 100 models in more than 400 different shades.

Living Room Furniture

  • Full covered leather sofa
  • Full covered fabric sofa
  • Full covered art leather sofa
  • Wooden sofa
  • Teapoy and imported Teapoy
  • TV unit
  • Carpets
  • Flowers & Plants
  • Pedestal or telephone stand
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Bedroom Furniture

  • Coats (MDF/Wooden/ Rubwood )
  • Bed side table
  • Mattress (peps/Nilkamal)
  • Wardrobes MDF with Marineply
  • Chest of drawers
  • Besd side lamp
  • Wall Mirror
  • Bed sheets & comforters
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Office Furniture

  • Office Table
  • Discussion Tables
  • Revolving Chair
  • Visiting Chairs
  • Book Shelf
  • Shoe Rack
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Dining Room & Kitchen Furniture

  • Dining Table
  • Dining Chair
  • Kitchen & Accessories
  • Kitchen Hb
  • Chiminies
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Contact Info

Grandeza, Opp. Gold Souk, Bypass, Vyttilla
Phone: +91 920 796 7771
Mobile: +91 920 796 7772
Email: sales@grandeza.in
Web: www.grandeza.in

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